Jovan Adepo

Jovan Adepo Is Here to Stay

After a series of standout performances from 'The Leftovers' and 'Fences' to 'Watchmen,' the Emmy-nominated actor is now starring in Damien Chazelle's Silent Hollywood epic 'Babylon' in the true-to-life role of an entertainer making a place for himself in a punishing industry.

Eva Reign

Anything's Possible for Eva Reign

As the lead in Billy Porter's new high school romantic comedy, the journalist-turned-actress focuses on Black trans joy in her film début.

Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Kelvin Harrison Jr. Is Acting for Himself

With several roles as historical figures, including B.B. King and Jean-Michel Basquiat, on the horizon, the actor continues his quest to entertain and educate himself with every role in the upcoming musical version of 'Cyrano.'

Raúl Castillo

Raúl Castillo Bridges the Divide

In a watershed season, the actor returns to the New York stage for the first time in eight years and is already garnering awards buzz for his turn in Elegance Bratton's semi-autobiographical new film 'The Inspection.'

Mia Isaac

Mia Isaac Is Ready to Be Seen

At just eighteen, the young actor is making a striking début in two films by female directors, the family dramedy 'Don't Make Me Go' and the social media satire 'Not Okay,' as she embodies new stories for the screen.


Drawing the Past Into the Present

Jonas Poher Rasmussen's acclaimed new animated documentary 'Flee' illuminates the inner life of Amir, who struggled to come to terms with his identity as both an Afghan refugee and a gay man.

Quintessa Swindell

Quintessa Swindell Reveals Their True Self

As Cyclone in the new DC Comics blockbuster 'Black Adam' and Maya in Paul Schrader's forthcoming festival favorite 'Master Gardener,' the rising actor is working to expand the limits of representation in Hollywood.

Paapa Essiedu

Paapa Essiedu Won't Do Things By Halves

From his early role of Hamlet through his turn on 'I May Destroy You' and now with his crucial appearance in Alex Garland's new folk horror film 'Men,' the actor immerses himself fully in every single performance.

Nicholas Galitzine

Nicholas Galitzine Is Redefining Masculinity on the Screen

In roles as diverse as a fairytale prince, a closeted high school rugby player, and, next, a conservative Marine, the British actor is focused on shifting gender roles and expectations.

Hailey Kilgore

Hailey Kilgore Breaks Through On Screen

As she makes her film début as Carolyn Franklin, sister to Aretha, in 'Respect,' the Tony-nominated actress is eager to find her next role to throw herself into.

Julia Fox

Julia Fox Does It All

The breakout star of 'Uncut Gems' returns to the screen in Steven Soderbergh's new heist film, but acting is just one of her many creative endeavors.

Janicza Bravo

Janicza Bravo Lets #TheStory Speak for Itself in 'Zola'

The director of one of this summer's most highly anticipated films recounts the tale of a tumultuous long weekend of sex work by putting power in the hands of her actresses and, most importantly, the woman who originally lived through it.⁠


In a Trance

A new Criterion Collection edition of the cult 1981 documentary 'Trances' reintroduces the Moroccan avant-pop band Nass El Ghiwane to the world.