Daniella De Jesús

Herencia: Daniella De Jesús and María-Elena Pombo

Our portfolio of Latinx creatives concludes with a Dominican-American dramatist, author, and actor who crafts worlds as surreal as our own and a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist who work confronts our organic past and our consumerist future.

Charlie Knepper and RJ King

[Non-essential] Finds a New Purpose

After delivering thousands of meals to healthcare workers last spring, model-couple RJ King and Charlie Knepper's nonprofit initiative pivots in support of LGBTQ+ youth.

Jovani Furlan

Herencia: Jovani Furlan and Nicole Della Costa

Our portfolio of Latinx creatives continues with two Brazilians, a New York City Ballet principal who recently launched his own dancewear line supporting the next generation of boys in dance and a poet driven to make her art form more accessible around the world.

Cero Magazine logo

Introducing Cero Magazine

Why does the world need another magazine?

Sophie Andes Gascon

Herencia: Sophie Andes Gascon and Mariana Garibay Raeke

Our portfolio of Latinx creatives begins with a Brazilian-Canadian designer who unfolds her family history in her clothes and a Mexican artist who investigates her own body in her paintings.